TerpTopics: EDUCATOR Resources for ASL and sign language interpreting educators, instructors, teachers, training program designers, coordinators, and designers, and academicians.

A humorous and poignant account of obstacles that Deaf adult, Frank Bowe faced when mainstreamed.


"TerpTopics(TM)" "Interpreter Topics Rendered Faithfully (TM)"

Original, relevant, and timely content of interest to ASL and sign language interpreting students and practitioners, including introductory information about deafness and American Deaf Culture.

A detailed examination of the complex issues surrounding the integration of deaf students into the general classroom. 



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This page offers an extensive annotated listing of resources designed or selected especially for ASL and sign language interpreting instructors, teachers, educators, training program coordinators and administrators, and academicians.

When you click a link, a new window will open to display the outside (non-TerpTopics) site for the resource you selected.

Select a specialty area, or explore them all.
This page is updated frequently.





Deaf Education

Classroom Elementary Classroom Elementary Classroom Level Classroom Elementary
Classroom Secondary Classroom Secondary Program Level Classroom Secondary
Classroom Post-Secondary Classroom Post-Secondary School Level Classroom Post-Secondary
School Level School Level School Level
Program Level Program Level Program Level
District Level District Level District Level
Certification Certification


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ASL Dictionaries

Gallaudet Dictionary of American Sign Language Gallaudet Dictionary of American Sign Language


ASL HandShape Dictionary American Sign Language Handshape Dictionary


Sternberg Flexi: ASL Dictionary American Sign Language Dictionary-Flexi


Perigee Visual Dictionary of Signing Perigee Visual Dictionary of Signing


Signs For Me (for children, parents, and teachers) Signs for Me


Basic sign vocabulary for children, parents, and teachers.

Signs Across America (Regional ASL Variation) Signs Across America (1984)


This is a classic and one that every student owes it to him- or herself to have!

Religious Signing (All Faiths!) by Elaine Costello Religious Signing: Comprehensive Guide for all Faiths
by Elaine Costello


Medical ASL Dictionary Webster's Medical ASL Dictionary


Computer ASL Dictionary Webster's Computer ASL Dictionary


Legal ASL Dictionary Webster's Legal ASL Dictionary


A Pocket Medical Signs Guide "Signs Of Health" Signs of Health A Pocket Guide
Signs of Drug Use Signs of Drug Use


WARNING: Potentially upsetting or offensive for some readers.  This book pulls no punches.

Signs of Sexual Behavior Signs Of Sexual Behavior


WARNING: Potentially upsetting or offensive for some readers.  This book pulls no punches.



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