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Since Strangling Isn't an Option

Since Strangling Isn't An Option ...

Do certain people have you gritting your teeth, biting your tongue, and (metaphorically, at least) banging your head against the wall? Do you feel like you're expending too much energy either engaging in conflict or desperately trying to avoid it? 

There really are better, easier ways to deal with difficult people--and this refreshing, realistic guide will show it to you. 

* Why dealing with a difficult person doesn't have to ruin your day 
* The habits that cause continued conflict--and the techniques that can turn things around 
* How developing an "attitude of gratitude" can smooth the way 
* Specific approaches for specific personality types--the snake, the donkey, the hyena, and more.


Crazy Bosses

Bing, who writes Esquire magazine's "Executive Summary" column, analyzes a slice of corporate culture gone mad--the interpersonal dynamics of working with a crazy boss. 

He first describes the process of a typical initiate entering the corporate world with a general set of perceptions which may be out of sync with the underlying mechanisms that govern the behavior of corporate players. 

Bing describes the various kinds of crazy bosses: the boss with the five brains, the bully, the paranoid boss, the narcissist, the "bureaucrazy," and the disaster hunter.



Am I the only SANE ONE working here?

Am I the Only Sane One Working Here?

Gossipy coworkers, unmanageable managers, and cranky clients have got you pulling your hair out and gnawing your nails down to nubs. From teammates who drop the ball on deadlines to corporate bullies who try to run your show, your work environment can be lethal to your health and your career.
  • Coworkers who don't like you? Feed them!
  • Hidden agendas? Unleash the power of “cc:” mail!
  • Unpleasant supervisors? Tell them only what they want to hear!
  • Office gossip? Dish out positive gossip about other people!
  • Lying coworkers? Buy into their lies and watch what happens!
  • And ninety-five more!







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Am I the Only Sane One Working Here?.






.Since Strangling Isn't An Option ...