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"Supporting Deaf People 2010" 7th Annual Conference Online


Online-Conference.net: Feb. 03-06, 2010 We are currently putting together the programme but general themes are:

  • Deaf perspectives on interpreting and communication
  • Communication mismatch
  • Interpreting in specialist settings
  • Interpreting in emotionally stressful situations
  • Interpreters, fallout and vicarious trauma
  • Effective interpreting, politeness, face and culture
The early bird discount is available until the 31st of October 2009. See the booking page for more info.

CEUs are available for members of the RID from the USA and Canada.
... more



Namur, Belgium: International Conference on Sign Languages


Logo: CILS Belgium

CILS-Namur.be: Nov 16-20, 2009 The aim of the conference is to share knowledge and experience with international researchers and professionals and provide them with the contribution of disciplines that, until now, have not been devoted to the study of sign languages of south Belgium (LSFB): issues on bilingualism between oral and signed languages or between signed languages; and anthropologic and philosophical approaches to the relations between Deaf and Hearing communities.

The whole of the conference will be multilingual: LSFB; International Signs (IS); French; and English.
... more



FCC Deadline to Register for 10-Digit Number and 911-Handling


FCC.gov: TRS calls made through the traditional telephone network automatically pass along to the called party signals that help identify the caller’s location. As a result, if the call is about an emergency, relay providers know the caller’s location, and can route the call to the appropriate emergency personnel, including those close to the caller’s location. The new rules ensure that VRS and IP Relay users are provided 911 service (including location information) that is comparable to the 911 service provided through the traditional telephone network.
... more

FCC Federal Communications Commission



Deadline to Submit for 7th Annual "Supporting Deaf People" Conference Online


Online-Conference.net: "Supporting Deaf People 2010" Call for Papers

Please note that the conference language is English,  For the forthcoming conference, we invite submissions for presentations [see site for suggested topics].

All accepted presenters will receive a free conference place and a honorarium.
... more



St. Augustine, FL: Summit on Childhood Deafness


FloridaSummitOnChildhoodDeafness.com: REACHING NEW HEIGHTS - TOGETHER (Sept. 24-26)  The mission of the Florida Summit on Childhood Deafness is to bring together those working in the field of childhood deafness ages birth through 22 in order to provide an inclusive forum for exchange of information, closer collaborations, and opportunities for building shared support systems for Florida's children and families.



Snap!VRS Acquires ViableVRS


Snap!VRS Logo

SnapVRS.com (Pearl River, NY): Snap!VRS announced today its plans to acquire Viable Communications, Inc. The companies reached agreement on Friday and will immediately begin the difficult work of stabilizing Viable's business operations and restoring the confidence of its significant constituent base.

Current Snap!VRS and Viable customers can continue to expect quality service as the transaction is finalized.
... more


Mobile, AL: Police Contract Interpreters and Communication Training


Police Taser

AL.com: The moves come as the Police Department seeks to avoid a repeat of last month's use of taser and pepper spray to arrest a deaf and mentally disabled man at the Dollar General store on Azalea Road when it seemed he was refusing to come out of a store restroom. 

A police lieutenant has been placed on administrative duty.

Garrett said the department has worked informally with the Independent Living Center in Mobile to provide sign language interpreters, but last week signed a memorandum of understanding to formalize the arrangement.
... more



IndiaEdu.com: "Sign Language Interpreter: An Off-Beat Career"


IndiaEdu.com: "There are many deaf and dumb persons across the entire globe. And more and more of them are learning sign language to communicate. Hence job opportunities for sign language interpreters fast increases. 

Deaf schools and colleges require interpreters. Medical professionals also require interpreters to communicate ... 

If you truly want to help the underprivileged and are passionate about it you should join this field to make a satisfying career."
... more

India Education
At Your Service
Since 1998



Deanne Bray in Recurring Role as Superhero on NBC's Heroes

Actress Deanne Bray DeafNation.com: Hollywood Actress Deanne Bray, who is deaf and has played Sue Thomas in PAX TV’s F.B.Eye television show, is now a “fascinating and powerful Superhero,” as NBC TV show creator of Heroes Tim Kring describes, and the Superhero’s name is “Emma.”

She is the latest Superhero of the intriguing NBC show “Heroes,” she will be in episodes 4, 5, and 6, with the Heroes writers furiously scripting for a couple episodes more.
... more



Taipei Bus Drivers Learn Sign Language To Prepare For '09 Deaflympics


eTaiwanNews.com: "More than 800 bus drivers employed by the Capital Bus Company are learning sign language for the deaf in order to offer better services to athletes competing in the upcoming 21st Summer Deaflympics to be held Sept. 5-15 in Taipei City, a spokesman for the private company said Monday.

General Manager Lee Chien-wen said the company broadcasts a lecture film at every bus marshaling center on the hour every day to give drivers the chance to learn the language on their own."
... more

Logo Deaflympics Taipei '09



Women's Division X Games Winner: Ashley Fiolek


2009 Womens' Moto X Games Winner Ashley Fiolek

PrettyTouch.com: "Women’s moto X was introduced at X Games 14 in 2008.  The women’s version of the sport may not yet enjoy much time in the limelight but this year’s X Games final was as dramatic as any race at the event.

"Winner Ashley Fiolek crossed the finish line without hearing the roar of her bike or the applause directed at her.  That’s because the 18-year old Florida native is the first deaf medalist in X Games history."
... more



ADA Signing 19-Year Anniversary

"In remarks at the White House, where he signed the U.N. Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, Obama said the ADA resulted from a movement carried out by people who 'refused to accept a second-class status in America. It began when they not only refused to accept the way the world saw them, but also the way they had seen themselves,' he said."  
... more



New ASL instructional materials to be released soon! 

Learn ASL from KNACK

Whether to communicate with a hard of hearing or deaf relative, friend, coworker, or child, learning sign language is often approached not as a luxury, but a need—and it can seem as intimidating as learning a new language. Knack American Sign Language makes it both easy and enjoyable. Combining 400 full-color photos and topic-specific information in a step-by-step layout, it covers everything from letters and numbers to the nuances of sign-language conversation. You will come away with words and phrases you can put to use right away in the real world. Most important, by learning American Sign Language, you will bridge a communication barrier as you enter the world of an active, vibrant
language community.

400 full-color photos
 * Letters * Numbers & Colors * Greetings * Holiday Phrases
 * Getting to Know You * Making a Date Sports & Coaching * Medical Care
 * Office Essentials * Signs of Worship * Baby Signs * Classroom Signs

... more



District of Columbia: Alabama Contributes Helen Keller Statue

Helen Keller statue to be unveiled in Wash. D.C. October 2009. A huge bronze statue of Helen Keller, Alabama's contribution to the artwork of the U.S. Capitol, will arrive in Washington this fall, according to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California.  The unveiling ceremony is scheduled for Oct. 7 2009.  
... more



Viable Targeted In Federal Probe; Did Business With ICSDeaf, LLC

Gazette.net: "Viable, a Rockville company that provides services to deaf people and is the subject of a federal investigation, partnered this year with a Florida company whose owners were recently arrested and charged with conspiracy to defraud the federal government.

But a Viable spokesman said in an e-mail this week that Viable no longer does business with the Florida company.

An affidavit by an FBI agent filed in a federal court in Florida refers to a Rockville company with a background strikingly similar to that of Viable. The agent said a former employee of the Rockville business told investigators that the company in 2006 and 2007 billed for calls that were not properly interpreted.

Yosbel Buscaron and Lazaro Fernandez, co-owners of Innovative Communication Services for the Deaf, a Miami Lakes, Fla., sign language interpreting company that began a partnership with Viable this year, were arrested in late June, according to court documents."

Logo: ViableVRS


RID Statement Regarding VRS Industry Investigation


Logo: ViableVRS

RID.org: "The Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) recognizes the value of video relay service (VRS) as a means of telecommunications access for individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing.  Oversight by the Federal Communications Commission is essential to ensure that high qualify service is available to the consumer and that calls are handled efficiently, appropriately and ethically." 
... more



[Charges of] "Criminal Fraud By VRS Companies"

About.com: " ... the FCC-OIG has tracked a "dramatic increase" in payouts to VRS providers from the TRS Fund. For example , in January 2005 - $10.8 million representing 1.4 million VRS minutes was paid. By January 2009 that had skyrocketed to.$51.2 million paid representing 8.1 million VRS minutes.

How were so many minutes generated? The huge increase was the result of fraudelently [sic] generated minutes. Fraudulent minutes were generated through non-interpreted "run calls" also known as "revenue calls."

A "run call" was a call to a long recording such as a podcast. At one VRS company, most of the calls made were run calls. Video interpreter logins were even used ... "
... more



FBI Obtains Criminal Complaint Warrant: ICSDeaf, LLC and Owners Yosbel Buscaron and Lazaro Fernandez

Federal Warrant: " ... to search the business known as INNOVATIVE COMMUNICATIVE SERVICES FOR THE DEAF, CORP. ("ICSD"), located at 7850 NW 146th Street, Suite 409, Miami Lakes, FL 33016 ... and seize computers and other evidence of the criminal conduct of agents, owners and employees of ICSD ... Based on the facts and circumstances described ... there is probably cause to believe that there is presently contained ... records, files, correspondence, memoranda, computers, computer disks, bank and other financial records, data, and other materials that constitute evidence ... and arrest warrants for the two owners of ICSD, YOSBEL BUSCARON ... and LAZARO FERNANDEZ ... "
... more



RID: "Alternative Pathways to Eligibility"


Diploma & Cap

RID.org: "The Alternative Pathway is a system that measures a combination of qualifications that can be collectively considered an acceptable substitute for the new educational requirements.  The Alternative Pathway uses a point system that awards credit for college classes, years of full-time interpreting work, interpreter-related training, professional interpreting certifications, and specific volunteer services ..."  
... more



Sign Language Interpreters are "Links for Communication"


For Lauren, a third-year sign language interpreter for the Milwaukee Public Schools school district, her career path seems to be less of a coincidence and more of a destined passage.

“I have a deaf younger brother and with the death of my parents in high school our communication had began to break down. The complexities of his language were more than I could fathom,” she explains. “The next logical choice was to take intensive sign language classes in college. … I began to learn more about sign language and interpreting was formally introduced to me and it became intriguing — and here I am now, an interpreter for MPS.”

While taking the tools she acquired while earning an Educational Sign Interpreter Technician associate’s degree from the Milwaukee Area Technical College, Lauren has become a role model for her students.  
.. more

Classroom Interpreter



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DeafPundit: On one hand, I’m glad to see websites like this. It’s definitely needed!

On the other hand, I’m irritated by the fact that it’s two interpreters who did this. Why is the Deaf Community NOT doing this kind of thing? ASL is *our* language.

Hearing people are making a major profit off us and our language. I say it’s high time for us to get off our rears and fight fire with fire. Let us set up similar businesses and organizations.
... more



Doctor Liable For Not Providing Sign Language Interpreter


AMA-ASSN.org: "Since such claims are not covered under traditional medical liability insurance, any judgments would come out of doctors' own pockets.  That is exactly what befell New Jersey rheumatologist Robert A. Fogari, MD, when a Hudson County jury in October 2008 unanimously handed down a $400,000 award against him for allegedly refusing to pay for a sign language interpreter for a patient who is deaf. Half of the award was for punitive damages.

Physicians can argue that providing such services may pose a hardship on their practices, but rarely are such defenses successful, according to legal experts."
... more

Scales of Justice





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