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FingerSpelling In ASL



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To go to the PRACTICE launch page, click here.

This is ONE of the many resources learners use to improve FINGERSPELLING skill and technique.  :)
One of several good resources.


Some fingerspellers seem to have no trouble at all.
Others require years of practice before mastery.


Real-Life Letter Sequence

Repeating the alphabet over and over is about as helpful to learning how to fingerspell as it is for learning to read: You have to know it, but that's not how you do it.

In words, letters seldom make themselves useful in convenient alphabetic order.  So, naturally, it makes sense (and it works!) to practice letter-combinations (sequences) as they actually occur, in real words.  

Try focusing on common letter-sequence practice drills, fingerspelling them again and again.  You might be delighted with how quickly you are able to pick up the mechanics of common letter-sequences, and gratified by how often they will show up in fingerspelled words.  


"Here's the drill ... "

Some two-letter sequences to practice are:

th he an re er
in on at nd st
es en of te ed
or ti hi as to

Here are some three-letter sequences:

the ing and ion ent
for tio ere her ate
ver ter tha ati hat
ers his res ill are


Avoid the Jerks

Remember to avoid bouncing or jerking each letter, as this wastes energy, can exacerbate repetitive-motion problems, and makes viewing comprehension extremely difficult.  The goal is to produce smooth, fluid, and accurate fingerspelling.


Speed or Accuracy?

Speed will come with practice, and is not a goal to take the place of accuracy and clarity.  Focus on accuracy and clarity.  Speed will take care of itself.


Books, Videos, and CDs


The coolest way yet to improve your receptive fingerspelling skills.

 Beginners can learn to recognize the different handshapes that make up the letters of the alphabet.

Signers of every ability level can practice reading many fingerspelled words at speeds varying from novice to expert.

After becoming confident with your fingerspelling perception, test your new skills and receive an evaluation of your performance. Can you read Marvin's blazingly fast fingers to qualify as a world champion?

Marvin's Fingerspelling Practice CD and Materials

MORE Books, Videos, and CDs

Fingerspelling for Hearing People MASTER ASL: Fingerspelling, Numbers, and Glossing FingerSpelling In ASL Turn-Taking, FingerSpelling, And Contact
Expressive and Receptive Fingerspelling for Hearing Adults Master ASL! Fingerspelling, Numbers, And Glossing Fingerspelling in ASL Turn-Taking, Fingerspelling, and Contact
This is ONE of the many resources learners use to improve FINGERSPELLING skill and technique.  :) .
ONE of the many resources learners use to improve FINGERSPELLING
skill and technique.
Numbering in ASL Number Signs for Everyone
(includes DVD!) (2008)


The English Alphabet in ASL

English Alphabet in ASL



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