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Silent Socials, Silent Coffees, and Silent Suppers are wonderful opportunities for terps to learn, practice, and hone skills ... and make new friends.

If you would like your Silent event included on this page, please send an email with all the details to: ContactUs@TerpTopics.com.


DPHH (Deaf Professional Happy Hour)Logo for MyDPHH.com

What is DPHH™?

DPHH™ promotes greater awareness of deaf people from all backgrounds, encourages diversity, provides a venue to network and develop new opportunities, and creates an environment ideal for making new acquaintances and reminiscing with old faces.

Are hearing people allowed to attend DPHH™?

Yes, hearing people are encouraged to attend! Many ASL interpreters and other hearing people attend DPHH™ as it is an opportunity to meet old and new friends. If you are not a signer, you should bring a friend, the DPHH™ environment can sometimes be overwhelming!

Are out of town people welcome to DPHH™?

YES, DPHH™ is a popular event and is attended by people from all over the world.


SILENT COFFEELogo Deaf Chat Coffee

www.DeafChatCoffee.com  or www.DeafCoffee.com 

Deaf Chat Coffee is for enjoyable, family-oriented, smoking-free fun!  It is close to home at any of our many sites! There is no charge for admission and you are not required to purchase anything at Starbucks™.  However, we do encourage you to buy something at their shop. They always will appreciate our business.

We are a site dedicated to providing information about coffee social events across the U.S. !  Please tell your friends, co-workers and family members!

This is a great get-together event also for ASL students to come and learn while meeting new people.  Tell them to visit us at our website: DeafCoffee.com or DeafChatCoffee.com!

CONTACT: Email us for more information at Info@DeafCoffee.com or go to DeafCoffee.com.

MEETUPLogo MeetUp(R)

To learn about "MeetUps" or search for MeetUps by location or focus, go to http://www.MeetUp.com.

To search specifically for MeetUp
groups that are self-identified as ASL MeetUps, go to http://ASL.MeetUp.com.

To search specifically for MeetUp
groups that self-identify as Deaf MeetUps, go to http://Deaf.MeetUp.com

GA: GCHI.org  
DC VA MD: GeoCities.com



Mondays, 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm*
Boynton Beach Mall FOOD COURT
801 N Congress Ave.
Boynton Beach, FL 33426
Mall Phone (Voice): 561 736 7900

Deaf and hearing signers network and socialize in ASL (American Sign Language).  Begin new friendships or catch-up with old friends.  Every ASL skill-level warmly welcomed; visitors, family, friends, students. Signing only; no voices, please.  WE HOPE YOU WILL JOIN US!  :)

*Every Monday evening, 7:00 until 9:00.  No need to stay the whole two hours.  Come when you can; leave when you need to; it's an informal gathering.  :)

CONTACT: Send us an email: SigningLaurie@AOL.com.


3rd Friday each month, 6:00pm - ?
382 North Congress
Boynton Beach, FL 33426
Restaurant Phone (Voice): 561 734 3400

If you enjoy signing or would like to learn, please join our fun group every 3rd Friday.  We are a friendly group of people (who don't bite, we promise), and we would love to have you join us. 

WARNING: Every now and again, we hold our Silent Supper at a different area restaurant, so please be sure to contact us just to make sure we'll be at TGIFridays that week.  The staff at TGIFridays Boynton Beach is just great, and always make us feel welcome.  Sometimes we have 20+ people, but the servers and evening manager do a great job.  We even have some of the servers signing!  It's a blast, so come on out and join us for supper and signing. 

CONTACT: Let us know if you want your email added to our monthly online invitation, or email any questions you might have: SigningLaurie@AOL.com.

DPHHLogo for MyDPHH.com

Once each month, usually 8:00pm - ?

Happy-hour Silent Socials at various restaurants/drinking establishments, about once each month (various cities throughout the US).  Find links to all of them at the DPHH South Florida site at: DPHHSouthFL.blogspot.com

CONTACT: Send an email to: DeafSouthFL@Yahoo.com.

LiveJournal.com: Tampa Area










ASLinfo.com  Tips for ASL students.
"I went to a Deaf Coffee"



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TerpTopics™ is an independent entity; as such does not claim or attempt to claim, represent, or imply by any means whatsoever that it is associated with any other entity that may or may not offer services, goods, or information of interest to interpreter, Deaf, or student communities.  The opinions expressed here those of TerpTopics unless otherwise stated.  Please keep in mind that, while every effort is made to present correct, appropriate, and reasonable information that is based on our experience, anecdotal experiences of others, or developed during the general course of study and professional development, we do not represent TerpTopics as having cornered the market on wisdom (heck, no!) or experience; one reason why links to several other good and reliable resources are made available throughout this site, and we hope that earnest seekers of knowledge will take advantage of them.



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